Özçelik Transformatör

Has adopted a principle of quality which is based on %100 customer satisfaction and high quality. We have adopted this quality principle for all our institutional aspects comprehending not only our products but also sale and service processes.

Our Product Line

We produce aluminium, copper, hermetical, with expansion tank and plug-in type bushing transformers. For all kinds of manufacturing and material defects, transformators are under guarantee for 2 years.


Either Özçelik Transformer’s own manufacture or purchased from our customers as second hand in exchange for old transformers, we offer new manufactured transformers. Second-hand purchased transformers’s essential maintanance and repairs are provided, subsequent to this process assessments of transformers are determined by it’s bobbin type. These transformers are more affordable than new manufactured ones and also under guarantee for 1 year.

Phone Number

+90 (224) 773 4887
+90 (224) 773 4888
+90 (506) 751 3950
Fax Number / E-mail

+90 (224) 773 4886
Work Hours

Monday - Friday | 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday - Sunday | Closed
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